What is included?

The Great Relationships Course Package includes:

  1. Psychological Mastery -- Learn the ins and outs of your mind and behavior. This is the most comprehensive and powerful course you'll see when it comes to mastering you psychology so you can become confident, attractive and irresistible. ($397 value)

  2. Triangle of Enlightenment -- Get rid of suffering completely using this logical and immediately applicable "trifecta" technique. ($197 value)

  3. Hypnotic Communication -- Learn the secret strategies of hypnotic communication so you can compel, influence, and get people to do what you want ethically. *Hint: you're already doing these things, you just suck at it... up until now. ($297 value)

  4. Relationships Mastery -- Learn the secrets of relationships from the master relationship consultant himself. Master the holistic approach to relationships management so you can get laid like a rockstar and have mind-blowing lifelong relationships. ($597)

  5. Bonus #1: Communicating and Speaking -- Learn the art of speaking well and compelling others. These are the strategies and techniques and linguistic-configurations of a masterful influencer. ($297)

  6. Bonus #2: Social Dynamics Mastery -- Everywhere you go you'll always deal with people. Isn't it time you up your social skills so you can conquer any social situation you're in? The things you need to know are inside this module. ($197 value)

Total Value: $1,982

Your Total: $297

Do I have to start a certain day?

You can complete the course at your own pace and start whenever you'd like! You will have lifetime access to the videos and materials. The course is designed to be one module per week over 12 weeks. However, if you are the "Netflix binge-watching" type (like myself) -- feel free to go forth and conquer!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • INTRODUCTION - "Mindset Defined, Using Neuro-Linguistic Science"

    • 4 LEVELS OF COMMUNICATION - "Effectively Categorizing Communication To Increase Your Influence"

    • SEDUCTION - "Why You Must Become Good"

    • ETHICAL & MORAL CODES - "Determining Right From Wrong When You Have Power"

    • 3 CASTES OF PEOPLE - "How To Achieve The Super-Caste"

    • BECOMING FEARLESS - "Understand Fear and Developing Total Courage"

    • NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROCESSES - "How To Develop Mind Control"

    • SECRETS OF EGO - "How To Make Your Ego Your Slave"

    • CREATING YOUR IDENTITY - "Taking Control Of The Deepest Parts Of Your Mind"

    • TRUTH ABOUT SECURITY - "How To Become Completely Self-Secure and In Control"

  2. 2
    • ENLIGHTENED SUCCESS, DEFINED - "The Best Form Of Enlightenment You Can Have Anytime"

    • BECOMING SUCCESSFUL - "The Truth About Success and How You Can Achieve It NOW"

    • REQUIREMENTS FOR ENLIGHTENED SUCCESS - "The 3 Principles At The Center Of Living Your Greatest Existence"

    • SELF-ESTEEM & SELF-CONFIDENCE - "The Equation For Powerful Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence"

    • HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM - "A Step-by-Step Approach To Managing Self-esteem and Increasing Confidence"

    • SELF-SATISFACTION - "How To Catch The Feeling Of Self-Satisfaction Without The Trappings Of Success"

    • HAPPY-NESS - "The Enlightened Approach To Happiness and How To Become Happy At Any Stage of Your Life"

    • PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER - "Applying The Principles Of Successful Enlightenment Into Your Life Today Onward"

  3. 3
    • UNIT 03 Hypnotic 01 - Hypnosis In Communication

    • UNIT 03 Hypnotic 03 - Power Of 3's

    • UNIT 03 Hypnotic 05 - 3 Things We Do With Sensory Experience

    • UNIT 03 Hypnotic 06 - Sensory Language

    • UNIT 03 Hypnotic 07 - Conscious & Unconscious Mind

    • UNIT 03 Hypnotic 02 - Embedded Commands

    • UNIT 03 Hypnotic 08 - Power of Tonality

    • UNIT 03 Hypnotic 04 - Pacing & Leading

  4. 4
    • Applying Critical Thinking Into Relationships

    • Women's Double Bind

    • Evolutionary Psychology Reasoning For Relationships

    • Conditional Love & Unconditional Love

    • My Style Of Relationships

    • Facilitating Nonjudgmental Acceptance

    • Open Communication

    • Jealousy and Ownership

    • Exam